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The Friends of Stewart Hall is a not-for-profit association formed to support the community by promoting culture in collaboration with the Pointe-Claire Cultural Centre, Stewart Hall and the Stewart Hall Art Gallery.

The funds are redistributed in the community through various projects supporting Stewart Hall. 

Here are some of the projects that we have carried out, including some which we are still supporting:

  • Donation support to works of art for the permanent collection of the City of Pointe-Claire

  • Artist-in-residence program

  • Catalogs and brochures for Art Gallery exhibitions

  • Purchase of computers, audio visual equipment and furniture for the Reading and Reference Room and Kid's Corner

  • Support to the Stewart Hall building 100th Anniversairy Celebration activities in 2016

  • Support to the Canadian Confederation 150th Anniversairy in 2017

  • transportation of daycare children who participated in workshops and/or shows, thanks to the Magic Bus Program.

Fundraising Activitties

​A number of valuable fundraising project have been put together thanks to a team of volunteers chaired by our Directors. Some examples:

  • Permanent Used Books sale in the Reading and Reference Room at Stewart Hall

  • Sales of CD's during most of our concerts

  • Sales of "tie-ins" during the various exhibitions for youth in the Kid's Corner

  • Rental of lawn chairs and refreshments during the Summer evenings in the Park Festival

  • Perennial plants sale

  • Renting cushions at concerts

the friends of stewart hall

To contact The Friends of Stewart Hall please

call us at : 514-630-1220

or send a message to:

In order to do, so, The Friends of Stewart Hall need the financial support of the community. As an individual or as a corporation, you can help us either by becoming a member of The Friends, or by making a donation. These are concrete ways to show your support to the Cultural Center and Art Gallery and help in the development and growth of the cultural life of our community.

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