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Located in a beautiful historical mansion on the shores of Lake St-Louis, the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre opened in 1963 as a cultural centre for the citizens of Pointe-Claire and the West Island.


Over the past fifty years it has grown to become one of the leading art centres on the West Island with an active cultural program of concerts, workshops, and cultural events, a renowned Art Gallery and Art Rental Service, and a Cultural Reading and Reference Room.



In 2004, a group of citizens of Pointe-Claire, including some members of Stewart Hall Advisory Board, began to dream about a way they might make a difference for Stewart Hall and for the development of culture in their community.

They met several times and, finally, their dream came a reality when, on June 1st 2004, "The Friends of Stewart Hall" officialy became a corporation.

Eleven months later, on May 8th 2005, the foundation obtained its charitable status

The Friends of Stewart Hall is a not-for-profit association formed to support the community by promoting culture in collaboration with the Pointe-Claire Cultural Centre, Stewart Hall and the Stewart Hall Art Gallery. Their financial support will help Stewart Hall and the Art Gallery in their mission of enriching the quality of life of the community through culture and the arts.

Composition of the foundation

With about 200 members, The Friends of Stewart Hall is a dedicated organization run entirely by voluneers with the support of the Director of the Cultural Centre, the Director of the Art Gallery and the Stewart Hall Advisory Board. The Board of Directors of The Friends of Stewart Hall is composed of 7 directors and as many officers as needed, elected for a two year mandate at the Annual General Meeting held each year in April.

The Board of Directors is composed of the following:


Theresa Skladanowski - President

Ann Ridyard - Secretary

Edward Sands - Treasurer

Linda De Witt - Director

Lucie Malacket - Director

Maureen Glover - Director

Irene Hapanowicz - Honorary Member

Martin Leclerc - Registrar

the friends of stewart hall
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